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Awesome view from the hotel #chicago

Awesome view from the hotel #chicago



Naked hugs and butt touching. 


Nothing Feels Good Anymore by The Menzingers from the album: Rented World


I’m at the party in a cloud of nicotine
Exhaled by drunk twenty-somethings
There’s a couple arguing in the bathroom
Some couple of kids trying to get high
I try to make my way outside
Cause I gotta see you tonight
I start pacing, then running

"But baby, baby, buzz me in"
I ring your intercom and say
But you just poke your head through the curtian
And my hearts on the floor

Nothing feels good anymore




There are just some sounds that everyone loves:

  • Shoes on gravel
  • Crackling of a fire
  • The snapping of necks of those who think they can disrespect you
  • Cats purring

what was that middle one

crackling of a fire

Life is currently awesome

Tomorrow I am seeing Chris Cresswell in SD then next week I leave to Chicago for Riot Fest. Last weekend I got a new car. Things are looking up :)


Racial bias in America: from higher suspension rates in preschool, to disproportionate rates of capital punishment, to everything in between, structures of authority routinely allow anti-Black racial bias to color the “facts”, and warp the narrative. And frequently (whether unintentional or otherwise) the police and the media often work together to further criminalize innocent Black victims

1Criminalizing Blackness in America

2. 14-year-old Tremaine McMillian attacked and choked by police, literally while holding a puppy…because McMillian made them “feel threatened” and gave them “dehumanizing stares

3. Author and CNN contributor keithboykin: how the AP slandered Renisha McBride even in death

4.  The Associated Press: when can skin color alone determine who is and who isn’t a looter? (hint: don’t be Black)

This implicit racial bias does not magically stop at innocuous events like the VMAs, or in Hollywood. So far, it doesn’t ever turn off. There are two Americas and racial bias is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker by The Ramones